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Jani Nendl

Hi, I'm Jani.

I am a photographer, videographer, guitarist, songwriter, windsurfer and relentless creative with possibly too much imagination. Always on the hunt for new challenges.

Photography has been my passion practically my whole life, ever since I was a kid, developing black-and-white stills of the concrete landscape of my home district that I had taken with my father. In my college years, I fell in love with capturing sunsets during warm summer evenings. A colorful game of light and shadows. And as if the hunt for photons in the mornings and evenings wasn't enough, I developed a passion for product photography upon the purchase of my first flash head. Later, as my band Dirtswitch required a video for one of our songs, I suddenly had to metamorph into a director, screenplayer, camera operator, composer and VFX producer as well. And it still isn't enough.

I live only by a few guidelines.

Always stay hungry, do everything you can and never really grow up.

Jani Nendl Photography About
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